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Design & Critical Thinking - Issue #5
By Kevin Richard • Issue #5 • View online
Dear readers,
It’s been a while since the last issue. First and foremost, I hope 2021 started well for you all! 🙏 (I know we’re already in March, but hey, better late than never 😉 )
Here are some updates:
🌟 At the intersection of design, innovation, business, and ethics
Back in January, we had the great opportunity to organise a live event titled “Why ethics in organisations fail and how designer & innovators could do it right”, with two amazing speakers: Alison Taylor, Executive Director of Ethical Systems, and Charles Paré, Senior Compliance, Ethics, and Risk Executive at Unisys.
🔥 What’s coming next?
Design & Critical community is still growing, and we felt the need to discuss and share thoughts on various subjects beyond Slack, and to work together on the future of the community (events, projects, etc.).
That’s we organise the Virtual Chalet sessions, a recurring informal event (1h once every 2 weeks) for the community to take the space & time to discuss, share ideas & experiences, find support, ask questions, etc. The next session will air on March 16th, 6 PM CET.
We will also start soon a monthly workshop session to work together on the future of the community. We want to create shared understanding at the intersection of practices like design, innovation, business, change, ethics, etc. but, oftentimes, there are gaps, missing pieces, interesting but scattered themes & narratives.
So, do you have ideas for events, initiatives, projects, or things you want to see happen? Join us! The first session is planned for March 24th, from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM CET.
🎉 A new home for D&CT
Last but not least, we’re happy to announce that we finally have our own domain name You can now find all our writings at and our library, full of interesting studies, books, and documents for the community at
Thanks for reading and following!
Stay safe,

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Kevin Richard

Design & Critical Thinking (D&CT) aims to build shared understanding, collective knowledge & sensemaking through a community of professionals from different backgrounds and horizons.

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