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Design & Critical Thinking - Issue #3

Design & Critical Thinking - Issue #3
By Kevin Richard • Issue #3 • View online
Hi everyone, Kevin here.
I hope you are all well!
Still on a journey towards what ethics for designers means with a small piece of reflection on “common sense”, an argument too often used as a tool these days. I discuss why it’s morally and practically a bad tool for designers and, well, everyone.
I also questioned Fabricio Teixeira’s moral statement about what “designers should focus on during uncertain times is known knowns”. Fabricio Teixeira co-founded UX Collective, an authoritative platform in the UX community.
However, I’m (unfortunately) slowing down my writing productivity: as I’m working from home, I found to have more time with my kids and consequently less time for other things 😅.
I should come back shortly to the main goal, and focus on the writing the missing pieces about subjectivism, virtue ethics and consequentialism. Another goal is to provide some reflections on how to practically approach ethics in design.
On the latter subject, one should understand that ethics are multi-level issues and are totally interlinked with the complexity of the problem we’re trying to tackle. Interestingly, this means that designers are making ethical decisions without noticing.
Therefore, we could say that “ethical design” is not a “type of design” but more a state of mindfulness of the ethical entanglement of one’s decisions (and non-decisions).
Anyways, thanks for reading!
Take care of your human, design, critical thinking.
Wish you all the best,
With ♥️ from Switzerland.

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