Design & Critical Thinking Newsletter

By Kevin Richard

Design & Critical Thinking (D&CT) aims to build shared understanding, collective knowledge & sensemaking through a community of professionals from different backgrounds and horizons.

Design & Critical Thinking (D&CT) aims to build shared understanding, collective knowledge & sensemaking through a community of professionals from different backgrounds and horizons.

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Design & Critical Thinking - Week #15 to #17

Shared by @(Kevin)SkepticalDesignShould we ditch sustainability?there is a rising argument that sustainability is not enough, that it’s just about “doing less harm” or getting simplistic efficiency gains.The solution according to the contradictions is to move…


Design & Critical Thinking - Week #13

Shared & written by @SidneyDebaque 👏👇


Design & Critical Thinking - Week #5 of 2022

Watch the video or listen to the audio recording of this session.


Design & Critical Thinking - Week #3 of 2022

Design, culture, education, and capitalism. Watch here or listen here.


Design & Critical Thinking - Week #1 of 2022

Design Practice, Theory, Methods | Systemic Design & Systems Thinking. Watch here or listen here.


Design & Critical Thinking – Happy New Year 2022

Dear Design & Critical Thinking members and friends,Thanks for your trust and participation throughout 2021 🙏I’m glad to see how the community grew and took shape, what we made it and I can’t wait to see where we will go.Anyway, I wish you all the best fo…


Design & Critical Thinking's Virtual End Of Year Party 🎉

Dear D&CT members and friends,2021 comes to an end really soon and we would love you to join us on Thursday 16th December to celebrate and have fun! 🎄🎉Our (virtual) chalet in the snowy 🇨🇭 mountains is indeed all set up to welcome you with drinks, a firepl…


Design & Critical Thinking – 🌍 Sensing The Present, Tomorrow 🎉

Dear Design & Critical Thinkers,This is a special email to remind you that tomorrow Saturday 11th September, the Design & Critical community will celebrate its 1st anniversary during our Sensing The Present event, and we can’t wait to see you all ther…


Sensing The Present – 1st community anniversary event 🎉

🎉04:00 PM CEST – Opening (30min introduction)For the past year, the community gathered together on regular occasions to make sense and collectively enrich our individual understanding of our present. What did we learn? How did we do that? Why all of this?🧠04:…


Design & Critical Thinking - A Community Collaborative Drawing Session

As part of the Design & Critical Thinking community, Krasi Bozhinkova and Daiana Zavate from Owtcome agency organised a deep collaboration workshop for the community to reflect on the concept of “Support”. Here are the insights gathered through the sessio…


Design & Critical Thinking - Issue #6

Dear readers and fellow Design & Critical thinkers,I hope you are all well & safe! 🙏Making sense of the complex and generating the time & space for opportunities are exercises tightly linked to innovation and design. Senseframing, as introduced he…


Design & Critical Thinking - Issue #5

Dear readers,It's been a while since the last issue. First and foremost, I hope 2021 started well for you all! 🙏 (I know we're already in March, but hey, better late than never 😉 )Here are some updates:🌟 At the intersection of design, innovation, business, a…


Design & Critical Thinking Newsletter - Issue #4

Hi, Kevin here.It's been a while since my last newsletter! Whoosh! So here is a quick update 👇🔥 In May, I started a podcast (video & audio) with the help of my friend Daniele Catalanotto, with content originally in French and now more and more in English…


Design & Critical Thinking - Issue #3

Hi everyone, Kevin here.I hope you are all well!Still on a journey towards what ethics for designers means with a small piece of reflection on “common sense”, an argument too often used as a tool these days. I discuss why it's morally and practically a bad to…


Design & Critical Thinking - Issue #2

About design 👇👇👇


Design & Critical Thinking - Issue #1

Hi, Kevin here.Recently, I committed to writing about ethics in design (here and here). My goal is to humbly (try to) go beyond the current state of the discussion: dark patterns. My first idea is to illustrate the “ethical landscape” by approaching major eth…